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Table SizeØ16.1” (Ø410mm)
Max. Table Load440lbs.
X Travel22.0″
Y Travel24.8″
Z Travel21.3″
Z Travel range0.8″-22.2″
Spindle Motor18 HP
Spindle Speed12,000rpm
Spindle TaperCAT-40 Big Plus
Rapids1417 ipm
Cutting Feedrate394 ipm
Linear Positioning AccuracyJIS B6338 Ø0.00016″
RepeatabilityJIS B6338 Ø0.0001″
Tool Capacity30 tool fast arm type
Tool ShankCAT40 Big Plus
Maximum Tool Diameter w/o adjacent tool5.9”
Maximum Tool Length11.8”
Maximum Tool Weight15lbs.
Tool Change Time

Tool to tool : 2.5 secs

Chip to chip : 4.5 secs

Tool SelectionRandom
Coolant Tank Capacity105 gallons
Coolant Pump1 HP
Max Coolant Pressure45 psi / 300 psi (CTS)
Max Coolant Flow Rate18.5 gpm


Separate Roll Out Coolant Tank

A large separate roll out coolant tank is used to prevent heat in the coolant from transferring to the machine base casting.

Coolant through Spindle (CTS) and Preparation

The spindle COOLANT THORUGH at 20bar ( 290psi) is std. Hollow spindle, spindle motor, and M codes are assigned.


Manual centralized greased lubrication is provided to all roller guide ways and ball screws. Grease lubrication is much environmental friendly than oil lubrication for the very thin grease film can be retained on surface of guide ways and ball screws. Furthermore grease would not pollute water- base coolant and no need to use additional oil skimmer to separate oil from the water-base coolant. It extends life cycle of coolants.

Remote Jog Handle / MPG

A hand held “Manual Pulse Generator” (MPG) lets each axis move in increments of x1, x10 or

x100 for easy fixture or part alignment.


Ball Screws and Axis Drives

Each axis is driven by C2 CLASS high precision double-nut ball screw.  All ball screws are centered between the guide ways. The ball screws are pre-tensioned and supported at both ends with angular contact thrust bearings. All axes are connected directly to Fanuc A.C. digital servo drive motors without the use of gears or belts to eliminate backlash.

CF Card Slot and USB Port

The Fanuc 0i series controls are equipped with a slot for a CF card and USB port on the control next to the display. This allows uploading and downloading programs and also drip feeding directly from a memory card.

Coolant Gun and Air Gun

A convenient hand held coolant gun and air gun is provided for washing the work-piece and/or the inside of the machine enclosure. Coolant chip pan with coolant flush from back, both sides and spindle nozzle coolant to efficiently flush chips.


DETROIT CNC’s VMCs are designed to feature maximum capacity and performance in the high precision as precision Mold & Die, Aero Space, Medical, aerospace, automotive and many other manufacturing sectors.

They are engineered a unique “C” frame design for an excellent platform, using high precision roller guides and heavy-duty pre-tensioned C2 class ball screws with cooling for reliable accuracy on X/Y/Z Axes.

High precision Big Plus 40 with two face clamping for rigid machining and reduce tool wear. Positioning accuracy 0.0002”and repeatability 0.0002”. Precision hand scraping of each section assures near perfect alignment. Spindle, headstock, ball screws and motors are thermal cooling control to achieve consistent high accuracy with maximum reliability.

Features include all high-speed linear ways on all axes that ensure fast linear movement during cutting. All Meehanite cast iron construction with ribbed frame and wide stance machine base provide excellent support and damping character. All servo motors are direct coupled to ball screws. It increases sensitivity of movement; meanwhile, it reduces the backlash dramatically.

The powerful FANUC 0i-MF control has been used in this machine. There are more than $15,000 control package includes in this machine without extra charge. An Ethernet connection, USB, easy-access Flash memory card slot, coordinate rotation and scaling, helical interpolation, rigid tapping, spindle orientation, and conversational program are among the many standard features. The AICC II high speed-machining mode provides a 200-block look-ahead high-speed machining function. It is most powerful and valuable control in its class.


◊ Fanuc 0i-MF Plus◊ C2 class ball screws
◊ 10.4” color monitor◊ Automatic lubrication
◊ AICC II 200 blocks◊ Air purge spindle
◊ Roller guide ways◊ Air gun
◊ Fast Arm Type ATC w/30 tools◊ Chip flushing system
◊ Direct Drive Spindle◊ Coolant system
◊ 12,000rpm◊ Auger chip conveyor
◊ Big Plus spindle◊ Work light
◊ 300psi Coolant through◊ Oil Skimmer
◊ Spindle oil chiller◊ Remote MPG
◊ Fully enclosed guards◊ 1 year parts warranty
◊ 3 colors cycle light◊ 2 years CNC warranty