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DMV 330T

MSRP / FOB Taiwan


Travel X/Y/Z330×400×450 mm
Spindle nose to table surface200-650 mm
Table size850x 410 mm
Table load capacity250 kg
Spindle type30 Taper
Spindle quantity2 Spindles
Distance between spindles300mm
Max.spindle speed12,000 rpm
Max.spindle output11 kW, S3-15%
Max.spindle torque70 Nm
Magazine pots24x 2
Max. tool adj. w/o tool75/ 150 mm
Max. tool length150mm
Max. tool weight4kg
CTC time3.5 sec
Dimension H2,770 mm
Dimension W x D1,860 x 2,560 mm
Weight4,2 00 kg


  • DMV 330T features higher production efficiency on the largest working range over the compact foot print; space saving, energy saving and automation suitable for small or medium parts and superior accuracy machining applications. 
  • The superior machine accuracy available with 4th or 5th rotary table are applicable to complicated parts in aerospace, medical, mold, automobile and advanced industry. 
  • High Precision Spindle
  • Direct drive spindle and dual contact faces BBT feature least noise and vibrations issues for better clamping rigidity and accuracy. 
  • Spindle nose run out 1.5um and 6um at spindle nose base and test mandrel length 250 mm.
Reliable and Precision Spindle4th or 5th rotary table for efficiency

High Rigidity Structure
Wider column span, heavy duty and high precision roller linear guide for rigidity.

High Precision Transmission
Precision KTR coupling feed mechanism assure the efficiency transmission and together with Cl ball screw provides superior positioning accuracy.

High Speed Feed
High acceleration/deceleration O.SG and rapid feed rate up to 36/ 36/ 36 m/min reduce non-cutting time and improve operation efficiency.

Large Work Range Over Compact Floor 

Saving Space, Energy, Time and Investment

Positioning Accuracy ISO 230-2 

 · Positioning accuracy 6 um

 · Repeatability accuracy 4 um

Geometry Accuracy ISO 10791-2 

 · Straightness accuracy 8um

 · Squareness accuracy 8um

Circularity ISO 230-4 

 · Circularity 8 um

Work Travels 

· 3-axis travel