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DMV 4200Q

Stock in Taiwan


Travel X/ Y/ Z2090×2 / 450 / 450 mm
Table size4100 x 450 mm
Spindle nose to table surface150-600 mm
Spindle typeBBT 40
Max spindle speed8,000 (12,000) rpm
Max spindle output *¹11 kW   S3 15% 
Max spindle torque70 Nm
Feed force X/ Y/ Z *¹13,823/ 13,823/ 13,823 N
Rapid travel X/ Y/ Z20/ 30/ 30 m/ min
Linear guide size45/ 45/ 45 mm
Ball screw diameter63/ 50/ 50 mm
Tool selectionRandom and shortest
Magazine pots24 x4
Max. tool      adj. w/o tool 75 mm/ 150 mm
Max. tool length180 mm
Max. tool weight5 kg
CTC time4.3 sec
Positioning accuracy0.010 mm
Repeatability accuracy0.007 mm
Straightness Squareness

0.010 mm

Repeatability accuracy0.010 mm
Through spindle coolant20 bar
Spindle LubricationGrease
Thermal coolingOption
Height3,100 mm
Floor space W x D9,000 x 3,300 mm
Weight21,000 kg
Main power70 A/ 220 V/ 3 Phase/ 60 KVA
Pneumatic consumption5.5 kg/ cm2
ControlFanuc 0iMF


Fanuc Spindle Output / Torque Chart

• Two speeds – High / Low Winding Output
• Max. Torque: 70 Nm*; Max. Output: 11kW**

Complete Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) and Rigid Structure

FEA Techniques are used to analyze structure deformation, stress and etc. to assure optimum structure. Low gravity center base, 20 screws leveling assure stability of machining. Construction of independent tool change support provides less vibration, no bending, more stable, and much robust reinforcement to column and headstock. Symmetrical and enhanced ribs design for vibration and thermal displacement. Three carriages on headstock help keeping stability of cutting.

Inspection and Alignment

Whole machine tests and laser calibration are done on every machine. Geometric accuracy is verified (Straightness, Perpendicularity, Flatness and Squareness). Finally, Circularity is checked by ball-bar test.

In Process Inspection
Smart in- process part inspection assure the quality and reliability for batch and mass operation.

Coolant Tank
A large (600 Liters) separate coolant tank is used to prevent heat in the coolant from transferring to the machine base casting.

Coolant through Spindle (CTS) and Preparation
The coolant through spindle is optional for chips coolant flush. Hollow spindle, hollow spindle motor, and M codes are assigned. External hardware including up to 20 bar or 50 bar pumps and filters are included.

Automatic centralized greased lubrication is provided to all roller guide ways and ball screws. Grease lubrication is much environmental friendly than oil lubrication for the very thin grease film can be retained on surface of guide ways and ball screws. Furthermore grease would not pollute water-base coolant and no need to use additional oil skimmer to separate oil from the water-base coolant. It extends life cycle of coolants.


DMV4200Q Travelling Column Vertical Machining Center is a high operation and high quality machine tool, designed to feature maximum capacity for volume production and versatile application as Automobile, Aero Space, Rail, Electronic and many other manufacturing sectors.

DMV4200Q are engineered an unique travelling column and twin column design for an excellent platform, using high precision ball linear guide 45/ 45/ 45 mm, heavy-duty 63/ 50/ 50 mm diameter pre-tensioned C3 class ball screw for reliable accuracy on X/Y/Z Axes. High precision Big Plus #30 or #40 with two face clamping for rigid machining and reduce tool wear. Positioning accuracy 0.01mm and repeatability 0.007mm. Precision hand scraping of each section assures superior alignment for high accuracy and reliability.

Multi spindles could perform the larger volume and the same size parts in left / right zone for operation efficiency; or different size in the left / right for flexibility operation


◊ Fanuc 0i MF Control
◊ Automatic Centralized-Grease Lubrication System
◊ 10.4” Color LCD
◊ Auger Type Chip Conveyor and Chip Cart
◊ Manual Guide I
◊ Semi Enclosure Cabin
◊ Max Spindle Motor Output 11 kW, 70 Nm
◊ Flood Coolant System
◊ Fanuc Alpha Motors Absolute Positioning Encoder◊ 600 Liters Coolant Tank
◊ Travel of X / Y / Z: 2090 x 2 / 450 / 450mm◊ LED Work Light
◊ Feed Rate X / Y/ Z: 24 / 24 / 24m/min◊ Safety Vision Panels
◊ Table Size 4100 X 450mm◊ Machine Status Light
◊ BBT#40 Taper Direct Coupling Spindle 8,000 rpm, Grease Lubrication
◊ Rigid Tapping
◊ Automatic Tool Changer: Swing Arm 24 Tools x4 sets◊ Coolant Wash Gun
◊ Roller Linear Guide◊ M30 (M80) Auto Power Off
◊ C3 Ball Screw◊ Air Purge/ Curtain for Spindle
◊ Remote MPG◊ Cutter Air Blast and Side Coolant Nozzle with Solenoid Control

Optional Accessories

◊ Fanuc AI Contour Control II (200 blocks look ahead)
◊ Data Server, Ethernet Interface 100Mbps and Memory Card with 2G
◊ Air Condition of Electric Fitted in the Electric Power Cabinet
◊ Renishaw Tool Breakage Detection TRS2* Need 4 set for 4 Spindles
◊ Renishaw RMP-40 Part Probe* Need 2 set for Spindle #1 and Spindle #2
◊ Coolant through Spindle, Pressure up to 20 Bar*
◊ Chip Conveyor Hinge Type with Chip Cart (Steel Application)
◊ Chip Conveyor Scrapper Type with Chip Cart (Aluminum Application)
◊ Mist Collector*
◊ Greeneco Coolant Purification System, Air Actuated, Movable and Available for Different Machine Coolant Purification 
◊ External Transformer 60KVA 380-440V, 50/60HZ