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SK series

MSRP / FOB Taiwan


X axis3000/4000/5000/6000/8000 mm2000/4000/5000/6000/8000 mm
Y axis2500 mm 3000 mm
Z axis1000 mm 1000 mm
Table Length3000/4000/5000/6000/8000 mm 2000/4000/5000/6000/8000 mm
Table  Width20000 mm3000/2500/2500/2500/2500 mm
MAX. Table load 
Rapid traverseXY=60 Z=40 m /min
X.Y.Z axis acceleration5 m/sec²
Spindle taper HSK63A
Spindle speed 24,000 rpm
Spindle power
( S 1 / S6)
60/75 kW
Spindle torque
( S 1 / S6)
48/60 Nm 
Recommended 2-axis headFork Type Milling Head
Swivel/Rotation TorqueB=1,192/1,980 Nm
C=1,050/1,740 Nm
Swivel/Rotation SpeedB=C=30(cont)/60(max) rpm
Swivel/Rotation AngleB=±120° C=±360°
Clamping TorqueB=4,000 C=4,000 Nm
Tool shank30T
Max. tool length300 mm
Max. tool diameter with
adjacent tool
Ø100 mm
Max. tool diameter
without an adjacent tool
Ø130 mm
Weight35-65 tons.


The lowest gravity center in the world

Zero distance between the gravity of the moving parts and the driving
plane makes the gravity center closer to the driving plane. The
machining stability could then be improved and the best machine
rigidity could be ensured.

Z-axis driven by double ball screws 

Double ball screws in Z-axis and twin servo motor driving provide high dynamics and stable cutting accuracy.

Crossbeam flushing system
A high-pressure pump with groups of powerful nozzles can quickly remove the chips.

Complex chip removal system
A dual-chip removal system with a large-capacity water tank could make coolant and chip removal stable and efficient.

Automatic top-roof cover
Movable beam design of top-roof cover could prevent spreading of chips and coolant liquid.

Automatic attachment head exchange system
Different angle heads could be mounted to match various applications and it is best for machining in narrow spaces.