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SKM Series

MSRP / FOB Taiwan


X axis4,000/5,000/6,000/8,000 mm
Y axis2700 mm 3200 mm 3700 mm
Z axis1000 mm
Table Length4,000/5,000/6,000/8,000 mm
Table Width2200 mm 2700 mm 3500 mm
MAX. Table load8000 kg/m²
Rapid traverseXYZ=60 m /min
X.Y.Z axis acceleration5-8 m/sec²
Spindle taperHSK63A
Spindle speed24,000 rpm
Spindle power
( S 1 / S6)
60/75 kW
Spindle torque
( S 1 / S6)
48/60 Nm
Recommended 2-axis headFork Type Milling Head
Swivel/Rotation TorqueB=1,192/1,980 Nm
C=1,050/1,740 Nm
Swivel/Rotation Speed B=C=30(cont)/60(max) rpm
Swivel/Rotation AngleHSK63A:B=±120° C=±360°
Clamping TorqueB=4,000 C=4,000 Nm
Tool shank30T
Max. tool length300 mm
Max. tool diameter with
adjacent tool
Ø100 mm
Max. tool diameter
without an adjacent tool
Ø130 mm
Weight52-99 tons.


Box-in-Box structure
Symmetrical geometry design with Box-in-Box structure of cross beam and saddle. Excellent force flow design decreases thermal deformation. High accuracy during high-speed machining can be performed.

Unequal thickness of Ram with honeycomb structure
Ram equipped with honeycomb structure performs the best balancing design and better geometry.

Crossbeam flushing system
A high-pressure pump with groups of powerful nozzles can quickly remove the chips.

Complex chip removal system
A dual-chip removal system with a large-capacity water tank could make coolant and chip removal stable.

5-axis simultaneous machining
5-axis machining accuracy difference is below 0.01mm.

Special spindle for aluminum alloy processing
Ultra-high-speed and power spindle with the best material removal rate.

X/Y/Z-axis driven by linear motor
All three axes are driven by dual linear motors.
Max. feedrate:60 m/min
Max. acceleration:5 m/sec²

Automatic attachment head exchange system
Different angle heads could be mounted to match various applications and it is best for machining in narrow spaces.

Automatic top-roof cover
Movable beam design of top-roof cover could prevent the spreading of chips and coolant liquid.