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New Generation VαШ All-Electric injection

VαIII-50 Tons / VαIII-80 Tons / VαIII-100 Tons / VαIII-130 Tons / VαIII-180 Tons / VαIII-250 Tons

  • Clamping Unit
    Integrated guide armrest design
    Integrated and synchronized processing, improve assembly
    accuracy, reduces guide bar warp and improves mold adjustment.
  • Injection Unit – High rigidity injection Structure
    Injection casting Integrated design
    and all processed synchronized, high strength and precision.
  • Energy Saving From Vα All-Electric
    Huge energy saving cuts molding costs, plant construction and operation costs. Energy Saving up to 60% as compared with general hydraulic machine.
  • Quiet Operation! (Low noise)