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Precision built, high speed PIM machinery

VR-350 Tons / VR-450 Tons / VR-550 Tons / VR-700 Tons / VR-850 Tons / VR-1000 Tons / VR-1300 Tons

Victor Taichung introduces to you, the new VR series of Plastic Injection Moulding machinery. With a tonnage of 350-850 tons and using the advanced V-8000C controller and semi-closed looped hydraulic system, the new VR-range can match your requirements of quality, high-speed production and precision moulding.
  • Heavy Duty, Rigid, Clamping Unit
  • Energy Saving Precision Hydraulic System
  • The V-8000C Semi-Closed Loop Controller
  • The advanced controller V-8000C series